The KU Eco-Library is Thailand’s first eco-library . It is a prototype library for learning about preservation of the environment and conservation of energy   through learning media and experiencing the library’s truly green creative design.


     The concept guiding the design and development of the KU Eco-Library is the use of waste materials and discarded furniture by using the knowledge of the Scrap Lab in the selection of materials and the design of the Eco-Library.
The Eco-Library is divided into three main sections:

  1. The Common Reading Space
  2. The Kids’ Reading Space – a multi-purpose area for children’s activities
  3. The Alumni Space – an area providing services for Kasetsart University alumni

Service Concepts

Promote lifelong learning.
     The KU Eco-Library promotes reading among school children, university students, university personnel, people in the community around the university, and the general public. It enables people to read every day and offers reading material suitable for the whole family,  and it serves as a continuing source of knowledge for the university’s alumni.

Enhance the quality of life and the environment.

     The KU Eco-Library provides knowledge on environmental protection and energy conservation through books and other educational media in cooperation with social and environmental organizations. It makes available knowledge for promoting the quality of life,, physical  and mental health, and self-reliance

    The KU Eco-Library encourages advisory self-service using a specially developed library  software system called  Jindamanee, an open source software  to provide services and management with  economical use of resources and to foster participation, honesty, and  community mindedness.

  • Membership may be obtained by making a donation of 200 baht for the community library project. This entitles a member to borrow three books.
  • Kasetsart University students and staff may use their university library card for the KU Eco-Library; they need not make a new card.
  • Alumni may secure membership by paying a fee of 200 baht per year. This entitles them to use the main library, borrow books, and gain access to the KU Eco-Library Alumni Service.


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