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Kasetsart University Environmental Policy

Kasetsart University is committed to improve and support the quality of the environment, both scholarly and participation as well as environmental awareness. The goal is to increase the life quality for student, staff, society, and the nation by focuses on manage four environmental dimensions. These included resource, technology, pollution, and human society. To become a leading model institution, well recognized within the ASEAN, and the international community focusing on the environment, KU has created an environmental policy listed as follows:

Policy 1. To make KU more environmentally friendly by physically and biologically improve the infrastructure of the university.
Policy 2. To reduce energy consumption and promoting the use of renewable energy within the university.
Policy 3. Promote student and staff activities to prevent and solve the climate change issues related to global warming
Policy 4. Support waste management by promote waste minimization methods including reuse and recycle. Intensive pollution reduction within KU.
Policy 5. Encourage water conservation and promote efficiency water management system.
Policy 6. To rapidly improve the transportation system and promoting the use of public transport, bicycle, and walking trails.
Policy 7. To support and strengthen education and research in an environmental subjects.
Policy 8. To support and promote KU as a learning environment model to the public.
Policy 9. Support and promote the collaborative development of academic, management, and technology innovation in terms of environment subject for both national and international organizations.

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